The four most undemanding houseplants

Indoor plants decorate the home and create a better mood. Houseplants cheer up and bring a personal touch to the home. In stressful phases of life, however, it happens that your favourite houseplant stops blooming and no longer feels like living.

So what are the most undemanding houseplants that are suitable for rental apartments?


Aloe is a well-known medicinal plant. Humans have used the healing properties of aloe for almost thousands of years. Since the plant does not like to be over-cared for, the aloe is very suitable for beginners and lazy plant lovers. The aloe loves light and hates excessive moisture. In winter the plant is watered once a week, in summer a little more often.

Fun fact: The gel in the aloe leaves contains 75 different health-promoting nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


Sansevieria is a plant of peace and happiness. The plant is well suited for beginners as it is very resistant. The height of the leaves can range from a few centimetres to a few meters. The flower of the plant is greenish-white, and the flower of some species gives off a pleasant odour. This plant prefers to grow in a moderately lit place. Keep the plant in a cooler room during winter (but not below 15 degrees). The plant should be watered rather little – once every two weeks is sufficient.

Fun fact: Unlike other plants that produce oxygen during the day and sleep at night, the Sansevieria produces oxygen day and night. Therefore, the plant is ideal for the bedroom.

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The bromeliad family includes, for example, the subspecies of Billbergia, Tillandsia, Neoregelia, Aechmea and Guzmania. It is a species of plant that does not mind if neglected and can even bloom if neglected. The plant creates an exotic feeling in the room. Water the plant by pouring water into a funnel made from the leaves of the plant. The rule here is: less is more. The bromeliad’s root system is small, so the plants don’t need a large pot.

Fun fact: In the bromeliad’s water reservoirs, many insects, their larvae and vertebrates live in the wild

Dragon tree

The dragon tree is a robust houseplant. It has leathery, long leaves with downward-pointing ends. The foliage of the plant can be of different colours – with creamy spots, red edges, white stripes, or completely green. The dragon tree loves a light or partially shaded environment – the more stripped the leaves of the plant, the more light it needs. However, direct sunlight should be avoided! Be careful not to over-water the plant. If the tips of the leaves turn brown and dry, it is a sign of overwatering. It is recommended to water the dragon trees once a week. But before watering, the soil should be checked – only when the soil is dry should the plant be watered.

Fun fact: In the wild, the dragon tree can grow 2-5 meters high.

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