ESG and CO2 Emissions Reduction Challenges?

We Feel Your Pain and Have the Solution: Bidrento Tenant App for a More Sustainable Real Estate Future 

So, if you’re feeling the pain of ESG goals achievement and green leasing challenges, don’t wait any longer. Get ahead of the game and take your ESG efforts to the next level with Bidrento innovative property management software and tenant app.

Benefits of a Tenant App for CO2 emissions reduction

Win-win initiatives promoting sustainable use and management of the real estate

Real-time Monitoring and Feedback

A tenant app provides real-time data on energy consumption and waste reduction efforts, giving tenants the information they need to make informed decisions about their behavior.

Increased Awareness and Engagement

By providing regular reminders and tips for sustainable behavior, a tenant app can increase awareness and engagement among tenants, promoting greater sustainability in the building.

Green Leases and CO2 Emission Reduction with Bidrento Property Management Software and Its Tenant App
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Transform your tenant experience app from an idea to real-life

Achieve your ESG and CO2 emissions reduction goals

Improved Energy Efficiency

With real-time data and feedback, tenants can take steps to improve energy efficiency and reduce their impact on the environment.

Enhanced Waste Reduction

A tenant app can track waste reduction efforts, encouraging tenants to reduce their waste output and contribute to a more sustainable building.

Convenient Access to Personalized Information

A tenant app provides a centralized platform for tenants to access personalized information about sustainable practices in the building, including recycling programs and energy-saving tips.

Is the Bidrento really for me?

Bidrento is trusted by real estate funds, property management companies, and professional landlords who operate with commercial real estate, warehouses, offices, co-working, build-to-rent, and co-living. If that is you – book a demo to talk to us.

What types of real estate do you support?

Commercial, residential, student housing, mixed-usage, and all different types are all welcome, even self-storage companies.  As long as you are renting properties – Bidrento will help you massively.

Save up to 20% on energy costs

Achieve energy efficiency

Incorporating a tenant app into a green lease strategy is an effective way for real estate companies to promote sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact. With real-time monitoring, increased awareness and engagement, improved energy efficiency, enhanced waste reduction, and convenient access to information, a tenant app is the future of green leases.

By choosing Bidrento as your full partner for rental property and tenancy management, we estimate up to 20% reduction in real energy consumption by your tenants.

You may also be looking for new, innovative ways to reduce energy consumption, and waste, and promote sustainable practices in your commercial buildings. Check out Bidrento own building maintenance calendar and software.

Green Lease and CO2 Emission Reduction
Bidrento - best property management software and tenant app

One software provider for your real estate management 

One app for both tenants and landlords

Digitalisation is slowly but surely bringing tenants and landlords closer together. With Bidrento, you can have both: property management software for landlords and property managers and tenants app which is connected to the landlord system. This makes tenancy management fast and simple.

By choosing Bidrento, you improve your tenant experience and employee experience in one go.

“What makes the solution truly exceptional for me is that I can use the full capability of the software on mobile. I can take all of my work with me: access essential data, answer important questions and solve problems on the go. This is a must-have.”Trigon Rentals.

Special offer for bigger portfolios

Go beyond standard solutions with Bidrento white-label solution

Institutional landlords and property investors frequently require a tailored approach with custom branding and integrations for their tenant experience app. At Bidrento, we focus on helping landlords like you find the correct balance between innovation and your current situation.

We can help you visualize your next steps and digitally transform your tenant experience. 

Below you can read a real-life case study of the tailor-made tenant app solution. 

More on our blog

Green leases are already becoming a usual part of real estate companies’ ESG strategies. Green leases are tools increasingly used by landlords to align their sustainability and efficiency goals with their tenants’ priorities for mutual benefit. For example, a lease might stipulate that a tenant share the cost of certain energy-saving property upgrades, which then results in lower energy bills for the tenant.

Green leases are a proactive solution for real estate companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in their rental buildings. By incorporating the latest technology, green leases are becoming even more effective with the integration for example of a tenant app. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a tenant app as part of a green lease strategy.

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