On Bidrento`s tenant experience app you’ll find a rich range of tools that tenants can use to make their living experience better

Tenants can use Bidrento`s tenant app to effectively interact with landlords or property managers, pay their bills, submit requests or even order extra services. It enables convenient file sharing with tenants.

A user-friendly tool for your tenants

Effective tenant communication and engagement

Practical aspects matter the most when it comes to tenant experience and communication. Providing accurate and real-time access to meter readings, invoices, shared documents, and maintenance requests from a modern tenant app instantly gives a strong digital boost to your rental property business.

Recent researches show digital platforms are an important deciding factor for tenants across sectors: residential to student housing to commercial to self-storage.

This is where Bidrento comes in: our tenant app provides you with a ready-to-go solution for tenant communication and experience from day one. Bidrento tenant app solves the most common use challenges landlords face daily with utilities, invoices, rental agreements, maintenance requests, files sharing etc. 

Tenant app and Tenant portal for tenant communication and engagement
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Transform your tenant experience app from an idea to real-life

Accelerate your growth with tenant services

You can use Bidrento to build a set of services to your tenants that fit the profile of your rental portfolio. Whatever your business model, Bidrento provides you with a solid foundation.

You can define your own custom set of services ranging from extra parking spots to faster internet to cleaning services in mere minutes. And the additional services become instantly available to your tenants on the app and Bidrento takes care of all the invoices and their tracking. 

The long-term goal? By taking our property management software and its tenant app, landlords can use Bidrento to accelerate their growth and transform their business similarly to Netflix.


Is the Bidrento really for me?

Bidrento is trusted by real estate funds, property management companies, and professional landlords who operate with commercial real estate, warehouses, offices, co-working, build-to-rent, and co-living. If that is you – book a demo to talk to us.

What types of real estate do you support?

Commercial, residential, student housing, mixed-usage, and all different types are all welcome, even self-storage companies.  As long as you are renting properties – Bidrento will help you massively.

Handle maintenance management requests with ease

Service and maintenance requests management and automation

With Bidrento, tenants can report issues as they arise, on their app with just a couple of taps.

Then you can assign both priorities and someone form your team or subcontractors to fix the issue on our landlord platform, with Bidrento automatically notifying tenants regarding the status and updates for each case. 

Detecting and addressing problems keeps them from growing and saves you as a landlord from spending more time and money fixing them later on. 


Maintainance and problem requests management software
Green Leases and CO2 Emission Reduction with Bidrento Property Management Software and Its Tenant App

Save up to 20% on energy costs

Achieve your ESG goals and energy efficiency 

Real environmental benefits can be achieved with Bidrento. To do that you can start from simple and easy-to-use tools that Bidrento provides and Tenant App is one of these tools. 

Cutting carbon is crucial and that is why we also need to focus on how to improve the things we can’t directly control and how the property industry can improve its carbon footprint. The main question for rental real estate is how to bring your tenants on the reduced or net zero carbon journey with you.

By choosing Bidrento as your full partner for rental property and tenancy management, we estimate up to 20% reduction in real energy consumption by your tenants.

Would like to pilot with our solutions for sustainability and cutting carbon footprint? Book a free demo below.

One software provider for your real estate management 

One app for both tenants and landlords

Digitalisation is slowly but surely bringing tenants and landlords closer together. With Bidrento, you can have both: an intuitive platform for landlords and property managers and tenants app which is connected to the landlord system. This makes tenancy management fast and simple.

By choosing Bidrento, you improve your tenant experience and employee experience in one go.

“What makes the solution truly exceptional for me is that I can use the full capability of the software on mobile. I can take all of my work with me: access essential data, answer important questions and solve problems on the go. This is a must-have.”Trigon Rentals.

Bidrento - best property management software and tenant app

Special offer for bigger portfolios

Go beyond standard solutions with Bidrento white-label solution

Institutional landlords and property investors frequently require a tailored approach with custom branding and integrations for their tenant experience app. At Bidrento, we focus on helping landlords like you find the correct balance between innovation and your current situation.

We can help you visualize your next steps and digitally transform your tenant experience. 

Below you can read a real-life case study of the tailor-made tenant app solution. 

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