Bidrento participates in the Norway Grants „Green ICT“ programme


Development of an intelligent monitoring and management system for rental buildings ff

Bidrento together with the Green ICT program aims to increase competitiveness and decrease environmental impact. 

With the help of the Green ICT project, a maintenance module will be added to the platform and the existing consumption and cost module will be supplemented. It is expected that thanks to the developments being made, it will be possible to reduce energy consumption by up to 15-20%.

The objectives of the project align with the following goals:

  • Decrease in CO2 emissions and energy consumption
  • Increased profit
  • Creation of new jobs

Bidrento and its technology developed during Green ICT project is suitable in the whole world across different real estate companies, especially in the Europe across which Bidrento is actively expanding.

Achieve your ESG goals and energy efficiency. New solution is suitable for all rental real estate types and Green ICT project will help to develop existing Bidrento`s software to the most comprehensive rental property management software.

Software for commercial property management
ESG and sustainability

The progress of the project 

Here will be presented the main milestone achieved and the progress of the project as well as major news.

The implementation plan is 01.05.2022 – 28.02.2023.


  • Taavo Annus
  • Project Manager
  • taavo.annus@bidrento.com

We are a real estate company, could we benefit from this program?

Yes, of course. You can either start from a pilot project with us or can bring your entire portfolio to benefit from Bidrento existing software and technology developed together with Green ICT project. The program is designed for all champions of change inside rental property management firms who aim to reduce their CO2 emissions and meet their environmental goals.

For what types of companies this is for?

All real estate companies that either own or are active in asset and property management. Residential, student housing, mixed-usage and all different types all welcome, even self-storage companies.  As long as you are or planning to enter any kind of rental real estate industry – Bidrento will help you massively.

Ok, but why?

Why Bidrento of all things

If you want to change how your rental property operations work but do not know what exactly is missing or you are unhappy with something that just keeps nagging, chances are you will never fix it. Yet another quick fix will make it worse.

The problem is systematic so the solution should be as well. We give you:

  • An effortless user experience for tenants, landlords and management. Yes, even the accountants.
  • Integrations that fit your portfolio and the peculiarities of the regions you operate in.
  • Innovations you hunger for now in a software package you can use cost-effectively for decades. 
  • And the most important, taking Bidrento and its solutions developed with the Green ICT project will enable you to reduce your costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

By choosing Bidrento as your full partner for rental property and tenancy management and thanks to Green ICT project, we estimate up to 20% reduction in real energy consumption by your tenants.

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