Scale your portfolio 10x

Rental real estate innovation made easy

Take your rental property portfolio to the next stage of real estate innovation.  With Bidrento, you finally have a digitalisation partner you can rely on. Our all-in-one program combines software development, innovation implementation services and software usage credits.

The Bidrento Innovation Adoption Program gets you to your goals 3x-5x faster with:

  • €5,000 in usage credits for our rental property software.*
  • Integrations with bespoke software and hardware providers.
  • Personal product innovation manager as a guide. 

*Please contact sales for more information

Software for commercial property management
Software for commercial property management

Start your growth rocket

Integrate all services into one proven platform

The #1 issue rental property managers face is the implementation of a single platform that connects your most important services, hardware and processes into one. Sure, everybody has something that should do the job. But the few that have a high-performing platform stand out with their growth. So it pays to get one that finally works for you.

With Bidrento Innovation Adoption Program you get to be one of the few:

  • that not only grows fast but whose growth rate accelerates;
  • that can solve individual issues within minutes not days;
  • that has an instant big picture of your entire portfolio.

Is the innovation program really for me?

The innovation program is designed for all champions of change inside rental property management firms with more than 500 units or plans to grow to at least that level. If that is you – book a demo to talk to us below.

What types of companies do you accept?

Residential, student housing, mixed-usage and all different types all welcome, even self-storage companies.  As long as you are renting properties – Bidrento will help you massively.

Ok, but why?

Why Bidrento of all things

If you want to change how your rental property operations work but do not know what exactly is missing or you are unhappy with something that just keeps nagging, chances are you will never fix it. Yet another quick fix will make it worse.

The problem is systematic so the solution should be as well. We give you:

  • An effortless user experience for tenants, landlords and management. Yes, even the accountants.
  • Integrations that fit your portfolio and the peculiarities of the regions you operate in.
  • Innovations you hunger for now in a software package you can use cost-effectively for decades. 

Yes, there is a ROI

Why pay for this program

True innovation is difficult. Profitable innovation is even harder.  Fortunately, software for rental property management has a direct measurable impact:

  • For every euro invested into a core platform, you can save and earn back 3-5 euros in 24 months with a more compact team that grows yields and units faster. 

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    We will show you how Bidrento works and how it could be useful for your business. We really value your time and will be happy to support you through the whole process!



        I accept Free Trial Terms: Free trial is 14 days and you can cancel your trial free of charge during that period by sending an email to the following address: info@bidrento.com. In case subscription will not be cancelled during 14 days, then the monthly fee will be applied further on. The amount of the monthly fee is formed according to the number of rental units in the software or the minimum fee of €30 + VAT per month applies (whichever is higher).