Upgrade your property and lease management 

Bidrento is the only software you need to manage your commercial properties

Take your commercial property portfolio to the next stage of real estate innovation.  With Bidrento, you finally have a digitalization partner you can rely on. Our all-in-one software combines different functionalities from full automation of the invoicing and up to maintenance requests management and preventive building maintenance. 

Save your time and grow your property value:

  • Utilities calculation and cost allocation
  • Service and maintenance requests management and automation
  • Preventive building maintenance and calendar (saves up to 20% on energy costs) 
  • Rent invoices, indexation and other data alerts
  • Lease contracts management
  • Property and tenants management
  • Reports and cash flow forecasts
  • Different activity logs and user permissions
Software for commercial property management
Software for commercial property management

Are you still using Excel to allocate your monthly costs? 

Utilities calculation and cost allocation automation

Bidrento provides a full scope of functionalities for invoicing and related needs: 

  • Rent invoices: automated and fully adjustable according to your specific needs
  • Expenses: owner costs, transferable cost, and cost allocation – everything done with a few clicks
  • Meter reading data: calculations are done on a daily basis, so no worries when somebody moves in or out
  • Cost allocation rules: fully customizable according to your needs. You can have it based on m2, consumption, fixed prices, or number of people. Additionally, you can set different levels of rules. 

Is the Bidrento really for me?

Bidrento is trusted by real estate funds, property management companies, and professional landlords who operate with commercial real estate, warehouses, offices, co-working, build-to-rent, and co-living. If that is you – book a demo to talk to us.

What types of real estate do you support?

Commercial, residential, student housing, mixed-usage, and all different types are all welcome, even self-storage companies.  As long as you are renting properties – Bidrento will help you massively.

Still struggle with maintenance tasks? 

Service and maintenance requests management and automation

Solve property maintenance issues efficiently. Track tenants requests and plan your maintenance work, create work orders and assign them to your employees.

With Bidrento you will get also a tenant portal or tenant app from which your tenants can submit all their problems or requests with photos and everything related. They will see the progress and the status. You can easily communicate with them, so nothing will be forgotten or missed. 

Additionally, your service providers can also have their own environment for their tasks management. 

You will have all the needed statistics of all the completed tasks over time.

Prolong your building equipment lifetime and save up to 20% on energy costs

Preventive building maintenance and calendar

True innovation is difficult. Profitable innovation is even harder.  Fortunately, Bidrento software for rental property management has a direct measurable impact:

  • Automate and schedule your maintenance plan
  • Keep a detailed record of the building maintenance history
  • Automatic notification to the service provider where they can: add a work report; attach an invoice; add notes and suggestions; mark the job as done

With the preventive maintenance of your building and its equipment, you can prolong your building lifetime and save up to 20% in energy costs. 

Billing and invoicing automation

Automate critical processes with real estate billing software

  • Get paid on time – send invoices automatically
  • Indexation and related notifications
  • Discounts and other price changes
  • Invoices can be sent in bulk to all tenants using the “Invoice Sending by Email” function
  • Automated debt management
  • Automated rent payments collection
  • Automated monthly utilities calculation and collection
  • Automated monthly invoices for additional services
  • Accounting software & bank integrations

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    We will show you how Bidrento works and how it could be useful for your business. We really value your time and will be happy to support you through the whole process!



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