Our team combines experts from real estate, accounting and software development. We really understand your specific needs and can assure you, that with Bidrento you will get the  right digital tools to become even more successful in your business.

We are happy to see how Bidrento award winning solution makes our client`s rental businesses grow and increases their efficiency. 

Bidrento Awards

Bidrento Founders

Taavo Annus, CEO

I have worked more than 10 years in finance and investment fields – over 8 years in corporate banking at major Estonian banks where I have analyzed over 1500 corporate loan projects, and over 2 years in Asset Management where I have managed investments for individuals and companies. I have always been interested in technology, and over the years have seen entrepreneurs bring different new technological solutions to the market. It all took me at one point to where I am now, an entrepreneur and Bidrento founder.

And today, I am 100% dedicated to Bidrento and work daily to improve the lives of both landlords and tenants.

E-mail: taavo.annus@bidrento.com
Mob: +372 52 99 345
LinkedIn: Taavo Annus

Natalja Napsep, COO

I have worked for both the university and the corporate department in the bank. However, I found true passion in the real estate sector, where I gained extensive experience in real estate investment and development, focusing on the development and sale of residential real estate. I have been in charge of sales and marketing for a number of successful new residential development projects. I have always been open to new knowledge and opportunities, and if there seems to be no way, then there still is a way- it has been the motto of my life for years now. 

LinkedIn: Natalja Napsep

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    We will show you how Bidrento works and how it could be useful for your business. We really value your time and will be happy to support you through the whole process!