Best property management software in Europe

Bidrento, an Estonian start-up that automates the management of rental properties won the award for the best real estate technology company in the European start-up competition “The Europas Awards”. Audience votes were also taken into account when deciding the final result of the competition.

Just recently, a start-up company asked to support them in the audience vote, and now Bidrento has been awarded the title of the best real estate technology in Europe. Bidrento’s founder and CEO Taavo Annus said: “Rental property management involves many different and repetitive tasks daily. I believe that our software received this prestigious victory due to the way we solve many complex problems in real estate management with a product with an easy user experience that has many different options for automating the work of real estate managers and accountants.”

According to Taavo Annus, Bidrento has grown strongly this year and this victory has come at the right time. “Bidrento has become the most preferred software for managing rental houses and portfolios in the Baltics, and just recently we started negotiating for new funding to accelerate growth further and expand across Europe. Surely, this victory also gives confidence to investors”.

“The real estate technology category competition was tight, and it covered the entire European Union. This victory in Europe is a great recognition for us,” said Taavo Annus, CEO and co-founder of Bidrento.

The Europas Awards is an award series created in 2009 to reward the most successful startups in Europe. The winners were announced on November 1 in Lisbon. Wise (formerly Transferwise), Pipedrive, Spotify and Soundcloud has previously won titles there.

About Bidrento

Founded in 2019, Bidrento offers its customers all-in-one software for managing portfolios of rental real estate, including commercial real estate, built-to-rent and co-living.

Bidrento’s solutions support the entire rental property cycle, i.e. activities from pre-lease communication to the termination of a lease and onboarding the next tenants to launch a new rental process. In addition, Bidrento offers a tenant app that helps with the reduction of the CO2 footprint and energy consumption.

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