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For Landlords, Property Management Companies, and Institutional Investors operating in commercial real estate, built-to-rent, PRS, co-living, student housing and storages.

The time saving of Bidrento`s clients is at least 4x greater than most legacy software companies since Bidrento helps its clients abandon outdated solutions by eliminating inefficient workflows, and by breaking the barriers to business growth

We we can help your business centralize, optimize, and put your team and resources to the highest and best use.

Easily integrated with your other systems.

For the landlords, property management companies, agencies and letting agents.

Some of our Customers

Our software is already trusted by some of the biggest Landlords, Real Estate Funds and Property management companies in the region.

Eften Living is the residential property arm of the largest real estate fund in the Baltics, Eften Capital, which recently surpassed €1 billion in assets under management.


Scandium is one of the fastest-growing real estate developers in the Baltic region. Building homes and offices for sale and supplying residential and commercial rental real estate.


Finding build to rent software that meets the needs of institutional investors can be a challenge. Trigon Rentals, the rental property arm of Trigon Capital, went with Bidrento and could not be happier.


A white-label tenant app - look to the future

A white-label tenant app with custom branding and design, designed and built by Bidrento.

Bidrento designed and built a bespoke white-label tenant app, combining the brand of EfTEN Living with Bidrento’s leading-edge user experience and innovative functionality.

“One important part for us was that we wanted to have an outstanding solution for our tenants. This was also the reason why we choose Bidrento as now we can provide quite an innovative solution for our tenants.”


Play Video about Tenant experience app for built-to-rent and co-living by Bidrento

Loved by landlords, property managers and letting agents.

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        I accept Free Trial Terms: Free trial is 14 days and you can cancel your trial free of charge during that period by sending an email to the following address: info@bidrento.com. In case subscription will not be cancelled during 14 days, then the monthly fee will be applied further on. The amount of the monthly fee is formed according to the number of rental units in the software or the minimum fee of €30 + VAT per month applies (whichever is higher).