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In today’s rental property management landscape, Excel sheets and colored columns are no longer enough. Effective property management now requires comprehensive software that consolidates information and automates tasks. We spoke to Ken Kuber, who is a partner at 1Estate, a company specializing in rental property management, about the importance of Bidrento in their operations.

1Estate Group offers real estate investors a full-service solution that includes furnishing, renting and managing apartments. It started operations in 2018 by offering Airbnb management services, but after the 2020 pandemic, re-specialized in long-term rental property management. They have been operating in the market for almost 6 years now and they are a long-term client of Bidrento.

Automation of processes for optimal use of time

The increase in the amount of rental properties to be managed leads to a situation where many routine activities start to take up too much time on a daily basis. This results in the manager’s overload and reduced efficiency. With the right software, it is possible to automate many activities and optimize processes. Ken emphasizes this very aspect when choosing Bidrento as a cooperation partner:

“The biggest challenge of the entire rental management has been optimizing the use of time and automating various processes. The desire was to consolidate the information of properties, tenants, customers, invoices and contracts in one environment, and at the same time it should be possible to perform all operations quickly and easily, being away from a computer. Bidrento offered the perfect solution for this.”

Ken Kuber, Partner at 1Estate

Consolidated data provides a better overview

“One of the most important aspects of rent management is that tenants pay their rent and utility bills on time. Bidrento is one of the few rental property management software that sends invoices automatically. All invoices are generated by the correct date, sent to tenants automatically, and the system also checks the payments. In Bidrento, it is extremely easy for us and the accountant to monitor the balances and, if necessary, send a polite reminder to tenants who are late with payments with a few clicks.


In addition, we have had disputes with tenants who allegedly do not receive or have not received invoices on time. Bidrento’s activity log allows us to check if and when the invoices and reminders have been sent. This function gives us the opportunity to check our own work and collect statistics that will help to improve processes in the future”.

The importance of a good cooperation partner

In addition to the wide functions and great capabilities of the software, its deployment and use must also be a thought out activity and supported by the software provider. Ken really appreciates this part of the process with Bidrento:

“Adapting to the software and putting it into use went very smoothly and easily, because customer support is very helpful and responds quickly. In addition, over the years, Bidrento has listened to many of our wishes, suggestions and requests to make the environment even more convenient. We are very satisfied with the software and it has become a very important tool for us today.”

The rise in popularity of the rental property management service

Rental property management companies are becoming increasingly popular because many people have individual rental properties but don’t have the time to manage them. Bidrento helps companies like 1Estate Group grow by providing all-in-one rental property management software that helps them automate processes, improve time management and focus on what matters.

Do you also want to automate rental property management processes and optimize your time use? Book a suitable time for a video call and we’ll show you how it’s possible with Bidrento!

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