Effective real estate portfolio management demands varying strategies at distinct phases, complemented by the support of technology. We discussed property management and business expansion with Aivi Koppa, one of the founders of Kavi Capital, focusing on how Bidrento software has been a valuable asset in their operations.

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Residential property

The need for property management software

Kavi Capital is an experienced company in the apartment rental business. When a new rental building was developed, it became clear that a smart tool was needed for its management.

“Before using Bidrento, the complexity of managing our entire portfolio was significant. We aimed to remove the need to work between various Excel spreadsheets, focusing instead on achieving maximum efficiency in our operations.” 

Aivi Koppa

Criteria for selecting property management software 

Based on the company’s previous experience in managing rental properties the PMS tool had to meet the following criteria:

  • Importing meter readings should be comfortable;
  • Option to automate different notifications e.g. tenant’s lease is about to expire;
  • Effortlessly generate invoices and maintain a clear overview of any unpaid ones.
  • Functionality to generate and manage contracts;
  • Web/mobile application for tenants, where they can find all the important information and allow them to see their consumption data, which helps to make the service even more transparent.

Quick onboarding 

“The onboarding process with Bidrento was both easy and swift, doable for everyone. Support is available whenever needed, ensuring all questions are answered promptly. When using Bidrento, I find everything to be convenient and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.”

Aivi Koppa

Bidrento helping with everyday tasks

“I most actively use Bidrento in the first half of the month when I’m generating invoices and checking payments. Now, all these tasks can be wrapped up in just a few hours. Before, it involved logging into the bank, matching data, communicating with the accountant, and dealing with interruptions from other tasks, stretching the process over several days.”

Aivi Koppa

Kavi Capital has been using Bidrento for 3 years now, and we asked them to outline the preferred product features that help them simplify their daily work and grow the business:

  • The ability to integrate with your bank to see due and past due payments for all of your units in one place.
  • Integration with online payments provider, where a payment link is included with the tenant’s invoice, enabling immediate payment of the rent. According to Kavi Capital’s experience, this has significantly accelerated the payment speed of tenants. Previously, tenants tended to miss the payment deadline, but now most of them pay immediately.
  • Ability to enter costs based on a project basis and view cash flow reports without any hustle with Excel spreadsheets. All information is graphically presented, showcasing the costs and incomes.
  • Opportunity to access all the important information from a single solution. It is especially important when different people in the company need certain information. Bidrento consolidates all contracts, amounts, and contact details, eliminating the need to ask others for this information.
  • Tenant App in general and especially the possibility to offer extra services such as snow shoveling and apartment cleaning, which tenants can order conveniently through the app.

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