how to prepare rental apartment for new tenants

When renting out your apartment, it is extremely important to prepare the apartment for potential tenants. Otherwise, the tenant can get the impression that the landlord is incompetent and that he is indifferent to the tenant. An attractive presentation increases the value of the property and a good first impression is a major influencing factor for the tenant when deciding on the property later. If the apartment is in poor condition at the time of viewing, it is very likely that the tenant will not want to live there.

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Apartment preparation can seem like a very large and stressful task at first, even if you are experienced in it. The apartment must be designed as comfortable as possible for the new tenants. But from where you should start?

Interior design and home appliances

We recommend that you look at the interior design first. As the owner of the apartment, don’t just start with what you like. Strong colours and patterns can be perceived as irritating by a new tenant. For example, the walls and floors should be colour-coordinated and neutral. It would also be advisable if the interior will have high quality and will be durable. It is advisable to think about such things when furnishing the rental apartment.

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Both the kitchen and the bathroom should have a coordinated design with the rest of the apartment. The furniture should be in good condition and also clean. Replace or repair old looking furniture. Also, make sure that all electronic devices and plumbing are in good working order. If the necessary household appliances are already available and no further devices have to be brought by the tenant, tenants are likely happy to pay a higher price.


We all want our home to be a safe place. All security components should be checked so that the next tenant feels comfortable. All door locks, security codes and smoke and gas alarms should be checked regularly to ensure that they are working properly.


It is important that the apartment is cleaned thoroughly before the tenant arrives. In addition, the backrests of sofas and windows should be cleaned even in smaller corners. It is possible to order and manage a cleaning service in our Bidrento software.

Preparing an apartment for new tenants may seem complicated and arduous, but a clean and tastefully designed apartment will attract good and trustworthy tenants!

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