Giving meter readings online

Tenants can now conveniently submit their meter readings through Bidrento rental property management software and they will appear to the landlord automatically!

-It is possible to attach meters to the object and enter their readings either by yourself or the tenant

-Possibility to invite a tenant to use Bidrento software. The tenant can enter their meter readings and also view the history. Tenants can also view the invoices sent to them.

If you are a landlord and your apartment does not have remote meter readings, use Bidrento, where you can also manage all your rental properties, tenants, keep all related documents and agreements organized and the system will automatically issue all necessary invoices and you can conveniently view various reports on your rental property portfolio productivity.

The software today has the following integrations:

  • Integration with accounting programs
  • Integration with European banks
  • Digital signing
  • Tenants background checks

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: info@bidrento.com

Bidrento is an innovative software for rental property management, which makes life easier for owners and managers of rental apartments and saves them both time and money.

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