5 things that tenants value in a rental apartment

The success of a rental apartment depends largely on how attractive the rental apartment is for potential tenants and how well the landlord can point out the strengths of the rental property.

Finding a reliable and good tenant can be challenging. The fewer problems a landlord has with the rental property, the more likely it is that there will be more interest towards the property and the entire renting process will go faster. What do good and reliable tenants appreciate about a rental apartment?

Security of the rental apartment

We all want our home to be our fortress. As a landlord, you should ensure that various security measures are followed. It is important that the front door of the rental apartment makes a solid and strong impression. For example, a peephole and door chain could be attached to the front door.

Rental apartment condition 

If you are looking for a tenant who will keep your apartment in a good condition, it is important that the condition of the apartment is good when the tenant moves in. Before renting out an apartment, you should make sure that the apartment is clean and that defects have been eliminated. Hiding defects from the tenant can also lead to later claims.

Availability of home appliances in the rental apartment 

Entering into a lease is a higher expense for the tenant, as in addition to the rent, a deposit and in some cases, even a brokerage fee must be paid. If the rental apartment does not have a refrigerator and a washing machine, the tenant must take care of these equipment himself, which means another expense and may be fatal when choosing a rental apartment. We recommend landlords to ensure the availability of basic home appliances – often tenants are willing to pay a higher rent.

The conclusion of a lease agreement is associated with expenses for the tenant, as a deposit and in some cases also a letting agent fee has to be paid in addition to the rent. If the rented apartment does not have a refrigerator and washing machine, then the tenant must take care of these devices himself. This means additional expenses and also can be exclusion criteria while choosing a rental apartment. We, therefore, recommend landlords to ensure the availability of basic household appliances – tenants, conversely, are often willing to pay a higher rent for such apartment.


Tenants appreciate it when the infrastructure near the rental apartment is good. Families with young children prefer rental apartments that have a kindergarten or school nearby. For young people, proximity to the university is often a decisive factor. If there is a good infrastructure near to the apartment, this should definitely be described when the property is advertised – this can be a clear advantage on the rental market.

Rental apartment price

It is not surprising that the rental price continues to be one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a rental apartment. As a landlord, you should make sure that the rental price is not too high. You can also read a useful article regarding the real costs of vacant rental apartment compared to rental price discount.

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