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Current digital age has drastically changed the way we work. It is well known that regardless of the area, technology has increasingly optimized and automated various work processes. People see a lot of benefits coming from technology and by entrusting tasks to special programs and software, work processes become much more time-efficient and accurate.

The solution

The already mentioned advantages of optimization and automation are the main reasons for the development of our Bidrento software for the management of rental properties. Property managers and rental apartment owners have been using paper, email and Excel for decades to get an overview of their rental portfolio. This may have worked more or less well so far, but these techniques are outdated and inefficient.

The good news, however, is that with the constant development of new technology and the emergence of new systems and software, managing rental properties has become easier than ever.

Bidrento is a user-friendly software designed for the management of rental properties, taking into account the real wishes and needs of people and companies involved in the management of rental properties. If the portfolio includes commercial space in addition to rental apartments, these can also be conveniently managed in the Bidrento software.

Honest feedback from our customers

Rain Koort, who manages a rental house with almost 100 rental apartments, gives us his opinion on the use of the software:

““Bidrento combines accounting, tenant management and rental agreements in one software. In this way, we can manage our rental house very conveniently from both the computer and the smartphone. Thanks to the Bidrento software, we no longer need a large number of administration programs, which in turn saved us a lot of time.

What is a rental property management software?

In short, a property management software is a cloud-based program that helps property owners and managers to take care of rental property. Recent implementations allow to manage commercial premises as well. The software does not only save time and money but also simplifies day-to-day real estate management tasks. It allows you to take care of rent management, invoicing, payment delays, contracts, reports and much more easily and conveniently.

Thanks to various integrations with both accounting software and different banks, all users have the correct and current information at hand and there is no need for manual work!

In addition, the software can be used to scale from one or two rental properties to for example 500 rental properties without losing clarity, structure and the accuracy of reporting.

For whom was the software designed? 

The software is designed for rental property owners, managers and letting agents, regardless of the size of the real estate portfolio. The price depends on the size of the portfolio.

If you are managing 3 apartments, then Bidrento “basic package” is suitable for you. However, if the portfolio is larger and you have to keep an eye on 1000 rental properties every day, the “special package” is perfect. It provides full functionality access and even offers custom and white label solutions for real estate and rental property management.

The user of the Bidrento software can manage their entire rental process in one environment, from onboarding the tenant to sending invoices, using the most recent technological solutions. 

You can imagine how complicated and time-consuming it must be to manage 200 apartments. This is where it pays to consider using real estate management software. Sven A. (small investor), who has been using Bidrento for more than two months, shares his experiences with us:

Sven A. (small investor), who has been using Bidrento for more than 8 months, shares his experience:

“At first the whole thing seemed a little strange to me, but after a few uses I got used to the software. Now I wouldn’t want to work without Bidrento anymore! I’ve been using the software for the past 8 months and it’s a great help for keeping track of expenses and receipts. Thanks to the very user-friendly interface, I can enter all costs and rental income within minutes and the system calculates everything automatically. There are tons of other features that I haven’t even started to use! I can well imagine that these functions are very helpful for managers of larger portfolios! “

5 Reasons why you should use Bidrento software to manage your rental properties:

  1. Overview of your properties and tenants
    Bidrento provides an informative overview of the history of managed rental properties and rental payments. Information on rental agreements and other important data is available quickly and easily.
  2. Invoice automation and accounting
    Bidrento automates otherwise time-consuming tasks like sending monthly invoices. This can save considerable costs and effort compared to manual processing.
  3. Rent Reminders and Payment Deadline Tracking
    This functionality provides a complete overview of receipts and debts. With Bidrento, payment reminders are sent out to tenants automatically, if necessary. Different integrations to banks and accounting programs facilitate the flow of information and thus eliminate human errors.
  4. Investment reports
    Bidrento offers an informative and factual overview of the investments in a rental property. In this way, the landlord or property manager have complete control over expenses and can also view detailed rental forecasts and market trends.
  5. Storage and organised overview of documents
    With Bidrento property management software, you don’t have to worry about the location of contracts, receipts and other important documents and agreements as all the necessary documents can be easily uploaded to the software and quickly accessed when needed.

Do you want to have complete control over your rental portfolio? Take the opportunity and try out the Bidrento property management software: www.bidrento.com

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