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Rental property can now be managed completely contactless. Yes, you heard it right! Thanks to the new rental property management software Bidrento and the cloud-based access solution Valnes WebLock, the landlord can control all processes online, from the viewings of the rental properties to the handover of the apartment, as well as maintenance.

How does technology help real estate?

The COVID-19 crisis has made companies think about how to reduce physical contact with workers and customers. On the one hand, it is a precautionary measure to avoid being infected, on the other hand, reducing the number of contacts in property management saves a lot of time. Up until now, it was common for rental properties to be shown to a potential tenant by both the owner and the letting agent at the same time. Thanks to Valnes WebLock Smart Lock, the owner can now send unique door codes to the letting agent or directly to the potential tenant so that he or she can view the apartment. This eliminates unnecessary contacts and saves a lot of time.

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Bidrento and Valnes WebLock solution

In order to be able to use the new solution, a Valnes WebLock code lock must be installed on the apartment door. If the front door of the house has a phono lock, Valnes WebLock offers a solution for that as well. Bidrento customers can use Bidrento software to generate access codes. All conversations can be conveniently conducted via video call.

Once you have selected a tenant, you can create a rental agreement in Bidrento with just a few clicks and sign it at the same time. After signing, you can also generate a permanent code in Bidrento for such tenant, so he or she can use it to enter the apartment during the entire rental period. If the tenant does not renew the rental contract, the code will be automatically deleted at the end of the rental agreement.

One-time or time-limited codes can also be generated and issued for maintenance work. This way, you don’t have to meet with repair or cleaning staff to gain access to the apartment or to hand over the keys. All the necessary instructions as well as the control of the work can be conveniently managed in Bidrento innovative software.

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What is Bidrento and Valnes WebLock?

Bidrento is innovative rental property management software that makes life easier for owners and managers of rental properties, saving them time and money. Valnes WebLock is an intelligent cloud-based access control system that can be used to automate business processes and reduce operating costs.

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