Scandium is one of the fastest-growing real estate developers in the Baltic region. Building homes and offices for sale and supplying residential and commercial rental real estate.

Scandium Living, their rental service branch (formerly named Nestin Rent), uses Bidrento to provide its tenants with a first-class co-living (see our introduction to co-living) rental service with exclusive comforts, experiences, and a joyful sense of community.

Scandium Living co-living case study

While Scandium Living offers a wide range of exceptional student apartments and studios of various sizes, the company gives its tenants more than just a living space. They enable an extraordinary co-living lifestyle and modern city living that students and young professionals value highly.

The offering includes amenities such as a 24/7 gym, laundry room, a green terrace,  smart locks, high-speed Wifi, ordering additional services or renting items such as extra towels or a TV, and even charging points for electric scooters.

We talked with Ildiko Siimon, the Operations Manager and Andreas Jupits, the Accommodation Manager, to explore how Bidrento supports Scandium Living on their path of growth.

Unmet needs led to Bidrento

Scandium Living co-living case study

Ildiko mentioned that managing rental properties with a service model like Scandium Living demands an approach that neither Excel nor old-school property management software can support.

An effortless experience for managing rental properties

Firstly, as a larger pool of services generates more data, the ease of use and design of the rental property management software you use becomes a differentiating factor. For them, Bidrento’s emphasis on modern design empowers faster decision making and work patterns:

“From the first moment, Bidrento stood out with its attention to design and detail. The software was intuitive, easy to use and allowed our team to get more done than the preceding solution we used.”


Automating routine work

Secondly, as operations scale up, the number of tasks and processes increases exponentially, becoming increasingly difficult to manage manually. Bidrento offers automation tools across the rental lifecycle, from rental agreements to managing invoices that Scandium Living uses to great effect:

“Out of all features of the solution, the key benefit for me lies in automating processes: from rental agreements, invoicing to tenant self-service. If a key process can be automated in rental property management, Bidrento probably already does it. Or they will listen to your suggestion on what to add. The commitment to process automation is unique in its field.”

Andreas, Accommodation Manager for Scandium Living

Andreas continues by highlighting that the results so far have been impressive:

“The solution saves a lot of time for accommodation and property managers like myself. What makes us different is that our job does not end when we hand over the space to the tenant. It only starts then and continues throughout the tenant’s stay with us. For companies like us, wanting to cover the entire tenant lifecycle, Bidrento is the best software.” 

Andreas, Accommodation Manager for Scandium Living

A partner to provide exceptional customer experience

For Scandium Living, empowering a co-living lifestyle means providing unique services and a commitment to continuously monitoring and improving the customer experience of tenants.

They appreciate Bidrento as a partner that cares about the subject like they do and dedicates resources to develop new features to facilitate the growth of their rental property portfolio:

“For our co-living rental properties, in particular, we are always looking to provide extraordinary experiences, and its new tenant-oriented features, such as offering extra services digitally or a unique tenant app, fits with the wider direction where we want to grow the company: maximising our NPS and tenant satisfaction benchmarks.”

Ildiko, Operations Manager for Scandium Living

Continuing collaboration

Following that vision, Scandium Living and Bidrento are continuing their collaboration to iron out a few final small steps to help support their future growth plans.

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