About us

Bidrento is a fast-growing startup headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Bidrento is offering an end-to-end rental property and tenant management solution that makes the whole lease management process faster and more profitable while reducing CO2 emissions in real estate. It is a B2B product and our customers are professional landlords and property management enterprises, managing thousands of rentable units across Europe.

We are looking for an experienced marketing manager who can deliver results and is driven to push boundaries and reach new heights.

Required skills:

  • Experience of delivering results on key Marketing metrics (traffic, leads, trials, demos, SEO scores etc…)
  • You are comfortable managing several social media channels at the same time and focused on achieving the monthly goals to continue the growth the company
  • Advanced knowledge of advertising and syndication platforms including Google Ads, Meta/LinkedIn Ads and etc.
  • Experience in using Google Analytics to assess and optimize digital performance
  • Hands-on experience with Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager
  • Hands-on experience running and optimizing B2B marketing campaigns
  • Can think outside the box, bring in new ideas, and work independently
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with frequent change, high expectations, multiple projects, and deadlines

Beneficial skills:

  • Knowledge of some sales CRM campaign management, landing page, forms, CTAs, email, workflows, and analytics
  • Experience executing a marketing strategy within a B2B SaaS company
  • Some experience in creating marketing copy and visuals
  • Some basic knowledge of the rental market
  • Interest or previous experience in technology, SaaS or payments

Your key responsibilities:

  • Social Media accounts active management and content contribution
  • You’ll set up and run our paid marketing on Google, Meta and LinkedIn
  • Manage marketing automation for conversion initiatives, including campaign set up and sync, drip email, forms, landing pages, workflows, and social distribution.
  • Build and manage an effective email marketing campaigns
  • Measure and apply learnings and campaign performance insights to optimize results
  • Run keyword research and analysis to identify and implement the most effective keywords, measure keyword performance, and optimize campaigns based on learnings
  • Develop campaign strategy and further management
  • Set conversion growth targets across all channels, allocate and modify the budget, and adjust strategy to match budget and changes in performance.
  • Execute conversion-focused campaigns and opportunities
  • Leverage and work collaboratively with sales team to maximize lead opportunities and revenue growth

We offer:

  • Get a rewarding salary based on your real skills and abilities
  • A stock option package that lets you focus on doing your best work
  • A modern working environment
  • Supportive and professional team
  • An opportunity to grow and develop your skills and the chance to join a fast-growing
  • PropTech Startup in the midst of rapid growth
  • Future career opportunities are diverse, high performers can fast track to new responsibilities, both managerial and specialist positions

And of course, you can expect many fun events and activities :).

If interested, please send your CV or link to LinkedIn profile to:  natalja.napsep@bidrento.com

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    We will show you how Bidrento works and how it could be useful for your business. We really value your time and will be happy to support you through the whole process!



        I accept Free Trial Terms: Free trial is 14 days and you can cancel your trial free of charge during that period by sending an email to the following address: info@bidrento.com. In case subscription will not be cancelled during 14 days, then the monthly fee will be applied further on. The amount of the monthly fee is formed according to the number of rental units in the software or the minimum fee of €30 + VAT per month applies (whichever is higher).