Sharing a rental apartment with a roommate

If you share a rental apartment with someone, you can save on rental costs. But before you let someone move in with you, think about what living together brings with it. It is worth investing a little time to find a suitable roommate. Because living with the wrong roommate can quickly turn into a nightmare.

How do I find a roommate and what should I watch out for?

The main problem is usually related to where to find a suitable roommate. First, ask your friends and acquaintances whether they know someone who is looking for a rental apartment. If you have an empty room in your apartment that you want to rent out, you can post an ad on Facebook groups that are specifically dedicated to rental apartments. If you are not the owner of the apartment, definitely ask for permission!

rental apartment

Find a suitable rental apartment to share

If you live with someone, it is important to divide the apartment. It is best if one resident’s room is on one side of the apartment and the other on the other, with the kitchen and bathroom in between. That way you can be sure that you are not bothering yourself too much.


If your old school friend wants to rent an apartment with you, then it seems like the perfect solution. However, if the friend has owed you money for a long time, keep in mind that this may also repeat itself when paying the rent. Always choose a roommate who you know can pay the monthly rent.

Background check

Once you’ve found someone with whom you would like to rent an apartment with, it’s definitely worth doing a background check. Check the social media channels of potential roommates and, if necessary, on public registers.


Some people value cleanliness and don’t tolerate clutter, while others love to live in chaos. Since conflict is easy between people with different customs and habits, it is important to discuss the habits and lifestyles of both parties before moving in together.

In the event of a conflict, agree on the best way for both of you to proceed so that it is still possible for both parties to live together stress-free.

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