Residential rental property has never been more popular across Europe and the wider world. But, a rental property investor with old-school tools and ad-hoc processes risks being outcompeted by a new breed of players in the marketplace who embrace new technology

How do you bridge the gap between the old and the next generation? We sat down with Rihards Lauva, a professional real estate investor, to take us through how Bidrento has helped him.

“Sometimes, it is hard to change your mind and your software. But you really should go with Bidrento.”

Rihards Lauva, RigaHub

Aligned with your goals as a landlord

Bidrento has been built for ambitious landlords crossing the divide to the new digital world. Offering both instant practical value with many automation tools as well as giving a sense of higher competence and efficiency that provides confidence and amplifies their brand and name:

“Bidrento is ideal for managing rental and utility costs or documents like invoices automatically. Allowing us to expand each year and to be a great partner for other players in the regional real estate market, such as institutional investors, and differentiate the firm from other property managers.”

Rihards Lauva, RigaHub.
digital software for a rental property investor

The only digital platform a rental property investor needs

At RigaHub, the immediate value lies in having a single database that brings together all different types of documents like invoices, agreements and various data regarding meter readings, which otherwise would be scattered across many other digital tools like Dropbox:

“Bidrento is especially valuable as my company is one of the first professional landlords in the quickly growing local residential property market. I can do my job much faster. I can write invoices, generate general agreements, and access all the data I need from a single database.”

Rihards Lauva, RigaHub

The solution reduced both direct overhead costs as well as indirect opportunity costs. Before using Bidrento, vital documents inevitably got lost and were hard to find, create, or modify for each new task. Leading to lost time, the most valuable thing for an active property investor.

Great fit for different needs of landlords

For an ambitious landlord, life never stands still. Each season brings new challenges. With manual methods and tools, the outcome of each situation stands at risk every time you encounter it, no matter how many times you have solved that challenge before in previous years.

“Bidrento adapts fully to the different needs I have throughout the year. During August and September, I appreciate automating rental agreements the most, while during winter, with rising heating bills, Bidrento makes it much easier to allocate costs between tenants proportionally.”

Rihards Lauva, RigaHub.

Automating and simplifying solutions to recurring problems and situations helps focus on more valuable business goals and move ahead quicker with more confidence.

Manage your properties from anywhere at any time

What makes Bidrento truly different is a fully functional mobile property management solution:

“Because Bidrento works perfectly on my mobile phone, my work is much faster and easier to manage. I can use Bidrento to generate a new invoice and send it to the tenant while in a face-to-face meeting with them. With Bidrento, everything happens on the spot.”

Rihards Lauva, RigaHub.

No matter the situation thanks to Bidrento, the property manager can take their core business. They can be off-site enjoying coffee or on-site in the middle of a client meeting and prepare a new rental agreement and send it out for signing in less than a minute. It is incredibly liberating to know that you can answer any challenge as it arises calmly and professionally.

Next steps in our collaboration

As RigaHub continues to expand its portfolio and new needs arise, Rihards looks forward to integrating Bidrento more closely with its business:

“I have not had the time to use all of the functionality. Specifically, Bidrento’s service requests module looks promising. Also, they are still adding new features.”

Rihards Lauva, RigaHub.

If you are interested in improving your property management processes or learning more about Bidrento, you can book a free demo with our CEO, Taavo: https://meetings.hubspot.com/taavo

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