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Finding build to rent software that meets the needs of institutional investors can be a challenge. Trigon Rentals, the rental property arm of Trigon Capital, went with Bidrento and could not be happier.

With over €600 million under management, Trigon Capital is one of the leading investment firms in Emerging Europe. Their focus is on free cash flow and attractive growth prospects across many asset classes. The rental property arm of Trigon Capital, Trigon Rentals, compliments their investment approach by offering all-in-one rental homes. We sat down with Rain Koort, the board member for Trigon Rentals, to discuss why they chose Bidrento and their benefits from our solution.

A Great Match

Effortless rental agreements

Rain mentioned that Trigon most importantly wanted to automate the rental agreement lifecycle. They desired to free their management from repetitive technical tasks to focus more on more high-value work. The results have been great.

Bidrento has impressed me at every stage of using it, inviting me to use it more. The software aligns well with our vision to build a larger mixed-asset portfolio and become a regional leader. Being able to simplify and automate work with ever-increasing amounts of data associated with each property is perfect when managing different types of real estate.”

rain koort, former board member, trigon rentals

Digital Transformation that works

Beyond that, Bidrento links together different processes into an effortless workflow for a rental property manager. Empowering digital transformation and automation with concrete solutions for managing documents and invoicing:

Creating new rental agreements and handling invoicing is impressively simple with Bidrento. Our rental property portfolio is part of a larger investment firm, which has over 600 million euros under management. Bidrento helps to stay agile and composed when quite detailed new corporate initiatives branch out in a lot of directions but need to be implemented fast.

rain koort, former board member, trigon rentals

Mobile property management

However, what truly sets the solution apart is the mobile-first approach not only to tenant experience but for routine property management tasks done that property managers and the management team need to accomplish:

“What makes the solution truly exceptional for me is that I can use the full capability of the software on mobile. I can take all of my work with me: access essential data, answer important questions and solve problems on the go. This is a must-have.”

rain koort, former board member, trigon rentals

Additional advantages that Bidrento’s build to rent software can provide

build to rent software case study

Rain admits: “The only downside is that we have not utilised the software to its full potential yet, as it offers so much.” With that in mind, Trigon continues to explore how to adopt new functionality of Bidrento with additional training sessions shortly, such as:

  • handling maintenance requests digitally
  • offering other services to tenants
  • native tenant mobile app for iOS and Android

Interested in seeing Bidrento for yourself? Book a free exclusive demo for institutional investors with our CEO, Taavo, here: https://exclusive.bidrento.org/

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